Russian Muslims call for boycott of Valentine’s Day

February 24, 2010

Russian Muslims call for boycott of Valentine’s Day

By Kevin Jess.
Feb 11, 2010 by  Kevin Jess
Men like to give bouquets on Valentines Day to smart, good-looking women who may or may not be virgins
Russian Muslim leaders are calling on believers to boycott Valentine’s Day saying it goes against the basic beliefs of Islam. They are also calling for a complete ban of the holiday in the country.
Valentine’s Day is becoming big business in Russia, and in the west it is a huge boon for business. It is estimated that one billion cards will be be exchanged this Valentine’s Day worldwide, according to the Greeting Card Association, and billions more will be spent on candy and other gifts.
In a statement released by a council of Muslim leaders in Russia, they said, “We call on all believers and sensible people to say no to celebrating this day, since it contradicts not only the norms of Islam, but also recognised human morality”, reports AFP.
St. Valentine’s Day was originally the Eve of Lupercalia, the Pagan Roman festival of fertility and was the day specially set aside for love lotteries in Pagan Rome, says Witchology. On that day the names of young girls would be written on pieces of paper and drawn by the young men. The young girls would then be partnered with the man for the duration of the festival. On the 15th of February the young men would run through the streets whipping women with the hide of a freshly slaughtered goat in order to promote fertility.
The Catholic church later replaced the names of the girls with the names of dead saints.
Some Christians, including, are also denouncing the romantic festivities saying, “It is about time we examined these customs of the pagans now falsely labeled Christian. It is time we quit this Roman and Babylonian foolishness, this idolatry, and get back to the faith of Christ delivered once for all time. Let’s stop teaching our children these pagan customs in memory of Baal the sun god, the original St. Valentine, and teach them instead what the Bible really says!”
Meanwhile, the greatly feared religious police in Saudi Arabia are busy enforcing a ban on all things related to Valentine’s Day, reports Associated Press.
Shops in Riyadh’s upscale have mostly removed anything red, wrapped in red or heart shaped as it gets closer to February 14. Anything that could be construed as something related to the holiday could be confiscated.
A statement was published in Saudi newspapers by the religious police saying, “Those who don’t comply will be punished,” but didn’t say what measures would be used against offenders.
Many Saudis have ordered flowers days and even weeks ahead of the ban as red roses and other red flowers are also illegal, reports BBC News.
In Russia the wife of President Dmitry Medvedev, Svetlana Medvedeva, started a new holiday called the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity which is meant to rival Valentine’s Day and reflect Orthodox Christian values.
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